Indoor Location System
without Beacons

Traditional indoor location systems are using beacons which can be frustrating for businesses due to technical complexity, limitations, and maintenance requirements.
We combine wearable devices and AI to provide a location solution without beacons.
It allows businesses to benefit from this system without any barriers.


What is TRAILS

TRAILS was originally developed for first responders, with a focus on robustness and ease of deployment. The wearable device, equipped with sensors, as well as an AI engine, detects the user’s location and sends it to the cloud via an API. The collected information is then displayed on a dashboard, making it easily accessible. This innovative architecture ensures that the system is virtually immune to interference issues, while significantly simplifying the setup process. (Patent pending.)

No Beacon Required

TRAILS doesn't require beacons for positioning. It uses wearable devices with an AI engine for accurate location tracking.


TRAILS eliminates the need to extend the beacon mesh beyond the building by providing a seamless indoor/outdoor location ability.





AI Engine × Wearable Devices

Wearable devices equipped with an AI engine process sensor data.


Location information is sent to the cloud, and users can access it via an application connected to the API.


Real-time location information of each user can be shared and viewed.

In various industries and fields,
we improve work efficiency
and ensure employees' safety.

Construction DX
  1. Real-time location tracking of workers
  2. Prevention of entry into restricted areas
Safety management
  1. Employee safety management
  2. Evacuation orders in emergencies
Industry 4.0
  1. Safe working environment
  2. Efficient work processes
Smart City
  1. First Responders' Safety
  2. Safety management and work efficiency during a disaster


TRAILS can be used with a no upfront subscription. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
We also welcome inquiries regarding collaborative development.

Unlock your business potential with TRAILS

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